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Real-time video distribution platform

share video with Android, PC or embedded systems

both point-to-multipoint and peer-to-peer sharing

evidence use with data automatically stored to the server

transmission of video, audio, chat, sensor data & GPS locations

built-in group management

multi-camera support; camera options include wearable, vehicle mounted, and fixed video

excellent throughput also in weak network conditions

network data encrypted with AES256 ciphering

software-only solution (independence from hardware)

also in weak network conditions

unique adaptive video transmission: high image quality and extremely low latency 

continuous automatic scaling of video frame rates and/or modification of encoding according to currently available network bandwidth

in point-to-multipoint mode according to the worst connection

if latency trend shows congestion on send device then latest images are transmitted, but send device buffers all data for later transfer to the server in the background

In addition to video also audio data, chats, GPS locations, user ids and time stamps recorded continuously

ES Mobile Client

easy to use – only press one button and recording starts automatically / no session initiation or log-in required

no post recording actions are required for the user

both point-to-multipoint or peer-to-peer

combining of multiple video sources on single screen without significant load increase

works in 2G - 4G radio and satellite networks

in addition to video also audio data, chats, GPS locations, user ids and time stamps recorded continuously

runs on any recent Android device

ES Server

stores video in memory (for real time sharing) and on disk (for evidence use)

stores other data: audio, chat, sensor data & GPS locations

master control of the system, like group and end user management

video display for PCs

access through web interface

built-in ONVIF interface for smooth integration with Video Management Systems

PC SOFTWARE for Rich video display

Real Time Desktop (RTD)

video or map view

choose video sources from any group member or all of them

display of users on map

After Action Review (AAR)

review recorded video

structured by time stamps and different video feeds

ES Maps

display of users and their video content on a Map